Formal and Informal Worker

July 6, 2018 0 By Vita Tanigia


There are two kinds of the worker from Indonesia that working overseas, the informal and the formal one. What is the difference? The formal worker is someone who works incorporate as a skilled worker. They earn stronger law protection and signing an official working contract, with the legalized organization. Meanwhile, the informal one work for an individual that has no legal entities and based only on the unrecorded agreement.

Both formal and informal worker need protection and want a welfare life. For that purpose, they need to do procedural steps and legalization for being a procedural worker. Valid law protection can prevent workers from unexpected trouble because working overseas need extra preparation rather than working in Indonesia. So, we need to keep in mind that all the documents are well-prepared.

The government and other cooperate countries started to raise up a higher standard for both formal and informal sectors. According to BNP2TKI, there are seven sectors that upgraded from informal to formal sector through Minister of Manpower Regulation (Permenaker) Number 1 The Year 2015. Those seven sectors include babysitter, caregiver, cook, gardener, child care, driver, housekeeper.

The problem with formal sector tends to be lesser or almost none, contradicted from the informal one. Informal worker usually works as a housemaid to an individual which does not support legal entities, so it makes them prone to having a problem such as human trafficking, people smuggling and so on. Because of that, good preparation is needed for every migrant worker. So, here is the list of what you should have and do to be a legal or procedural worker:

  1. Plan it perfectly.
  2. Choose official private labor supply company from PPTKIS.
  3. Prepare legal documents.
  4. Read and understand the handbook about foreign workers. You can download the e-book form
  5. Seek as much as information you can.

Legalization and obeying the rules is the most substantial things to do as a citizen before leaving your country for any kind of matter. It is because when you are a lack of authorized documents, the government can’t give you enough protection that caused them underpaid or ended up as a victim of human trafficking.  That is why preparation is so important, once again.



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