Local First; New Zealand And Australia’s Rescind Visa 457

July 19, 2018 0 By Vita Tanigia

New regulation for foreign workers in Australia and New Zealand has been made. A day after Australia announces it, New Zealand follows to announce it as well. Both country applying same regulation regarding foreign worker’s Visa.

Visa 457 is the previous foreign worker legalization for working in both Australia and New Zealand. The Visa valid for 4 years and available for 650 types of job. The newest regulation, that called the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, has tougher and upgrading the requirements, such as:

  1. A higher level of English proficiency
  2. Criminal check record
  3. Background investigation
  4. Two-years work experience
  5. Labor market testing


And what is the different between the two? The former one valid for 4 years of staying, and allows sponsorship for approximately 650 job roles. While the letter is valid for 2 years of staying with 2 years of extension, or 4 years straight for those with highly qualified one, and it has fewer job roles to offer.

Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull told the media, Visa 457 is no longer credible, because some parties misused it to illegally importing low-compensated foreign worker. Therefore, the Visa 457 astray the initial goals of fulfilling the country with a qualified skilled worker in the first place.

From New Zealand’s side, Prime Minister Michael Woodhouse claims that they are not “anti-immigrant, but this is part of their selection, to find and having a foreign worker that adequate enough for their country. The main purpose is to have these highly qualified workers to fill some roles that can not be handled by their local citizen –as we called Kiwis. He also claims that Kiwis are the top of their priority in any job vacancy, as part of the new practical regulation.




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